A bit about me ...

My name is John Martin and I'm the owner of Sapphire Coast Photography.

For the past four years, I have been a local resident of Merimbula. I was fortunate to have a good knowledge of the Sapphire Coast as my parents retired to Pambula in the late 1980s.

As a youngster in Boy Scouts I won a photo competition on a Jamboree and received a Polaroid camera as the prize. This started my fascination with photography. Although, my first results left a lot to be desired. In my mid 20's I attended a number of basic courses at RMIT on camera basics and film development using the darkroom process to develop photographs. I was intrigued by the seeming magic of photography. I am however, largely self taught through purchasing courses online and viewing the wonderful resources of Youtube.

My first love is landscape photography, however I have studied a variety of styles including portraiture, drone photography and more recently videography. 

In addition, I'm an accredited CASA commercial RPA drone operator (ARN:1092457).

I truly believe I'm blessed, living on the Sapphire Coast with its abundant and  untouched natural beauty. It is a photographer’s dream come true.