A bit about me ...

Hello, I'm John Martin, the owner of Sapphire Coast Photography.

As a Merimbula local for the past five years, my connection to the Sapphire Coast runs deep, influenced by my parents' retirement to the area in the late 1980s.

My photography journey began in my youth when I won a photo competition, receiving a Polaroid camera as a prize. Despite humble beginnings, I pursued formal education in my mid-20s, taking basic courses at RMIT. Captivated by photography's magic, I further honed my skills through self-teaching with online courses and YouTube.

While I have a passion for landscape photography, I've explored various styles, including portraiture, drone photography, and recently, videography. I am an accredited CASA commercial RPA drone operator (ARN:1092457).

Living on the Sapphire Coast is a true blessing, surrounded by untouched natural beauty—a dream come true for any photographer.